Why You Need Custom Shipping Boxes

Many e-commerce brands fail to take advantage of custom packaging and custom shipping boxes to delight customers and keep them coming back for more. Your custom packaging should deliver a “wow” factor, even if it’s delivered in an over box. Apple is famous for its meticulous designs. Chewy sends bags of dog food in boxes customized with paw prints. Dollar Shave Club reinforces its sassy and sustainable brand image with recyclable packaging for razor blades. Should your DNVB or established fashion brand consider custom packaging? Are custom packaging boxes really that important?

More than 90,000 people search for “unboxing” videos on YouTube every month. People love to watch other people take items out of boxes -- and if your packaging sparks joy -- it becomes part of the story. With a custom box, you can turn every delivery into Christmas morning.

Consumers notice packaging. 39% of consumers surveyed recently said they often buy a product due to new or different packaging. Brand owners feel the same way, with 80% agreeing that packaging attributes influence their brand’s value. Custom packaging helps engage with the most desirable customers. Premium shoppers, those who spend $200 or more per month, value custom packaging design.

For DNVBs and e-commerce channels of traditional brands, product packaging is one of the few available touchpoints. In those first few seconds, create a moment of truth with the customer. Branded packaging is a way to keep the consumers’ attention. The product must be delivered in a package; why not make the package work for you? It’s exclusive real estate that’s relatively inexpensive to occupy.

While it’s important to provide an unboxing experience worthy of Instagram, the box must still do its job. The product must arrive safely and fit for its intended use. Consumers are keen to be informed about sustainability issues with custom packaging; e.g., is the packaging recyclable, is the information card embedded with wildflower seeds that can be planted? The packaging must also flow with your fulfillment system, minimizing extra handling, costs and potential damage.

Memorable custom packaging transforms mere customers into brand influencers. They will promote your brand on social media and in real life, drawing new customers and creating deeper relationships with existing users.

Does your brand use custom packaging or custom shipping boxes? If not, have you considered it? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!