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Was it the Data, or was it the AI that killed IBM Watson? What if AI Doesn’t Scale in U.S. Healthcare?

IBM announced Thursday that it was preparing to sell its healthcare business (IBM Watson Health). IBM had invested billions to develop tremendous processing power, and IBM Watson had acquired huge datasets to educate its AI engines (e.g. Truven acquisition, 2016). No d ... Read More


When Will Companies Take A Stand On Health Insurance Costs?

Back in college, I took a philosophy of science class and one of the topics was scientific revolutions and paradigms (ok, stay with me here). The premise is that things stay the same until they don’t. Innovation occurs and the next level of thinking prevails. We’ve al ... Read More


A Quick and Easy to Understand Tour in the Project Management & Software World with ScheduleJS

What is this most advanced Javascript- based Gantt Charting framework you sell? It seems very interesting but I definitely don’t understand it at all.” There is a need to make things easy to understand about a product which is inherently quite complex to grasp becau ... Read More


Should the Chief Experience Officer Cease to Exist?

The Wall Street Journal recently released an article called “Some Chief Experience Officers Want To Make Their Jobs Disappear” where they interviewed Chief Experience Officers and Chief Customer Officers from large corporations all over the country.


Why You Need Custom Shipping Boxes

Many e-commerce brands fail to take advantage of custom packaging and custom shipping boxes to delight customers and keep them coming back for more.


The Business Synergies With Motorsport

So a day at the racetrack is just a jolly right? A day away from the office to soak up the sight and sounds of a completely different world. Strut around proudly showing your VIP badge? Or is it? What can your business possibly learn from Motorsport??

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