The world’s changed. Thankfully the network was already changing!

The events of the past months have significantly changed the lives of people all over the world. Our thoughts are with those most affected by the crisis, and with the thousands of medical professionals around the world saving lives on the front line. Our profound gratitude goes to them.

At Coevolve, we’re doing all we can to support clients as they transition their teams to a 100% work-from-home model, or as close to that as their business demands. I am proud of how this work is aiding clients when they need it most.

Personally, with less commuting and no international trips to teams and partners, I’m taking time to share how our team has been working with our clients. It’s been too long since I last wrote a general update on Coevolve. (... actually, it’s been three years; time flies when you are having fun!) So, I’ve challenged myself to punch out a few articles to describe our team's work in the service of clients more fully. I hope you find this series of upcoming articles helpful if you are contemplating how your company’s global network needs to evolve to meet these challenging times.

We are doing what we were made to do

We’ve seen cloud-delivered solutions come into their own on the next level in response to the dramatic COVID-19 induced change. For too long the Wide Area network has lagged behind other areas of IT that were more As a Service and cloud-delivered. Fortunately, network technology is also reaching new levels of software-defined flexibility and it’s our passion to be at the forefront of that change.

When we started Coevolve back in 2014, our mission was to help enterprises around the world adopt next generation network technology. We knew back then that Software-Defined Wide Area Networking would be the future, and six years later with a huge amount of work, we're a global leader in telco-independent SD-WAN managed services and cloud networking.

The technology has been rapidly changing. The SDWAN tech we started with continues to evolve to include more and more functionality and spawn new models like SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) as Gartner noted last year. My co-founder and our CTO, Ciaran Roche, writes regularly on the evolving technology, including recently in this market summary. All these technology options facilitate cloud-scaleable, secure communications between users and applications. This aligns perfectly with our original vision of “agile networks for global applications”. This advancement has never been more timely.

With 375+ carrier and ISP products within the circuit underlay for our clients’ sites under management, we’re ready to help solve both the immediate and long term network challenges that enterprise IT teams are facing right now. This Coevolve experience spans 65 countries on six continents and is set to keep expanding.

Our global team of technology experts has completed a vast number of international deployments for clients - implementing telco-independent solutions using some of the world’s leading network and security vendors such as VeloCloud now part of VMware, Zscaler, Cato Networks, Megaport, Okta and ThousandEyes.

We’re addressing the need for global connectivity, SDWAN overlay, cloud-delivered security and management with enhanced analytics using APIs, all in one place.

Driving our team is the goal of making you more nimble and agile in responding to your own changing enterprise needs. You can dramatically enhance the level of control you enjoy by using our Co-managed style of support - choosing the level of assistance you need from us. We are the SD-WAN enabler for your team, the bridge to help you migrate from your incumbent network and an expert second set of eyes to then depend upon in BAU.

Unlike network upgrades using traditional network technology and management, SD-WAN is a complementary overlay solution, not a ‘rip and replace’ solution that requires a prolonged commercial review and implementation schedule.

It's about solving pain-points across your network. If this is a current challenge for you or the recent changes to how you do business has hastened the need to review your network we can assist. Implementing an SD-WAN solution with just the right level of managed services and security can be done in a fraction of the time it took for the traditional telco and hardware vendor solutions that it replaces.

Our SD-WAN and cloud networking experts will create design recommendations to solve your biggest challenges. The assess phase will identify cost savings in the vast majority of cases. If our team identify savings, that is a business case you can rely on. We then oversee the deployment phase to ensure it adds value in the way you’d intended it. We will be a safe pair of hands to help you manage this new, more flexible environment. We don’t stand still, nor does the technology and neither does your enterprise so we continue to optimise. Together we “Coevolve” your next-generation network.

We’re at the forefront of telco-independent SD-WAN and cloud networking

As a co-founder, success in business represents itself (for me) in happy clients who’ve implemented ground-breaking solutions in their enterprises. Companies that previously struggled with expensive, inflexible legacy technologies that can't be adapted to the changing world we live in now.

At Coevolve, we chose to go ‘out on a limb’ by backing SDWAN and cloud networking solutions early as our mainstay business offering. This was a big call back in 2014, but now in 2020, it is self-evident as the best way for networks moving forwards. While many in the industry are more recently touting SD-WAN and related solutions, through our early adopter experience we have proved we are the party that global enterprise can really rely upon. Clients rely on Coevolve to get the technology safely deployed. Clients rely on Coevolve to ensure the cost savings in the proposal materialise as promised.

We might be six years into this journey, but in so many ways, we’re just getting started!

Another demonstration of this is that earlier this year we signed on as a Microsoft Azure Networking partner. This is an exciting development for us, as it greatly enhances our Cloud Networking service offering.

As Ciaran noted at the time, “We can combine the management of a telco-independent SD-WAN solution with a deep cloud networking integration, using Azure Virtual WAN as the backbone. This will provide enterprises with the ability to directly replace traditional global backbones with one that may already be where most of their data needs to go.”

Watch this space: we will have more exciting announcements soon!

Where to from here?

Clearly the business landscape is changing fast due to COVID-19. But no matter what happens, we're here to help our clients navigate this period and beyond with highly scalable technologies that enhance their control in this cloud-delivered era. If we can help you with a network technology challenge, please reach out to me.

Stay tuned for more in this series which will expand on how we deliver our next-generation network managed services, using real-world examples and providing more reference materials. This series of articles aims to affirm what is important in our view. It is also another way of me saying “thank you” to our wonderful clients and Coevolve team