Hegelmann Logistics & Equinox Europe – successful management of 3PL services

Today’s issues, COVID-19 pandemic caused business overturns and strong growth of e-commerce sector, have significantly expanded the need for 3PL logistics companies (3PL – Third-party logistics), when a manufacturer or an e-shop owner entrusts the logistics of its products to the professionals, who carry out the transportation, storage, inspection, repackaging and the delivery of the goods, while a manufacturer simply allocates his available resources to the product development without any worries. Hegelmann Group – German capital freight and logistics company with extensive experience in the field, entered the Lithuanian market 16 years ago. When Hegelmann Transporte decided to materialize the idea of its own logistics center in Kaunas district two years ago, it was planned to apply “Work Green” sustainability principles by implementing the new warehouse with not only all possible smart energy-saving stuff, but also with a modern Warehouse Management System, which was expected to reduce the use of paper and, of course, to optimize the logistics processes – to save human resources, to speed up order processing, etc. For this purpose, Hegelmann Logistics has chosen Equinox Warehouse Management System – WMS VISION.

During project implementation, Equinox team installed a specialized WMS for the customer and adapted it for the 3PL business processes. This version of the system made all 3PL service users appear as owners of the goods, and each item in the warehouse is assigned to its appropriate owner. All work done on the goods is accounted for and afterwards the owners of the goods are automatically charged with an individual storage price for their products. This way created an undoubted transparency in the warehouse of the 3PL service provider. Since the partnership between Hegelmann Logistics and Equinox Europe lasts for two years already, the customer shares its impressions and successful experiences. “With the help of Equinox WMS, our warehouse handles all tasks with ease,” says A. Sumskis, CEO of Hegelmann Logistics

A. Sumskis most appreciates the possibility of Equinox WMS to integrate with courier systems, which significantly saves time, as it is no longer necessary to fill in data separately in courier programs, while generating orders for dispatch. The courier module ensures the integration of WMS with the most popular couriers, that deliver goods to the final consignee. The usage of this module means that the package prepared in the warehouse is registered within the courier in real time with the help of WMS and a label of the courier consignment is generated, which then is attached onto the package.

A. Sumskis also compliments other features of Equinox WMS: “WEB self-service portal tool is very fascinating. Thanks to it, 3PL service users can see and manage their orders online in real time, they can independently monitor the stock level and the movement of their own goods, in addition they can place orders from any device anywhere in the world and track their progress.”

We are happy that our customer Hegelmann Logistics started its operation in the new logistics center right away with Equinox Warehouse Management System and, while moving forward successfully, handles all its tasks quite easily.