Engineers rule the world

Thomas Edison has always fascinated me, not just for bringing light to the world in the form of a durable filament that could withstand heat and melting temperatures long enough to produce an illuminated bulb, but for his methods for inventing. From his Menlo Park laboratory and later in the much larger West Orange lab, Edison and his team of engineers brought to life many things that we use everyday - electric lamps and light bulbs, alkaline batteries, stock ticker, phonograph (later record player and now evolved to digital). His engineering incubator is thought to be the first of its kind, and the methods of inventing at the time were revolutionary. Menlo Park, NJ was truly America’s first “Silicon Valley”. Engineers have been designing and delivering to the world technology ever since.

Team, each and every day, every little bit of effort from each and every one of you grows Potrero. Even the slightest bit strengthens the foundation of our company, and we grow exponentially when this effort is aggregated across the whole. Development and refinement of our technology and creating the next generation of clinical tools is critical for the future of Potrero. As I have mentioned in previous messages, the R&D team has entered the Verification and Validation Phase of product development for our next generation of software for the Accuryn System.

Every time the engineers have gone through this process, it always impresses me. I am not an engineer, I know big surprise, as you know I I am a data scientist...just kidding Kelly. As everyone is very well aware I am neither, both fields are incredible to me. For all of the field based team members and even those at the home office that may not know, the Verification and Validation (V&V) process is the final stage of R&D development prior to releasing and launching a product. This is where the team will put the technology through a number of rigorous tests to see if there are failures, will measure accuracy and precision, will work to find bugs in the software, will battle test the electronics. All while documenting every little detail. Being a medical device regulated technology raises the bar versus other products that you may use in your home or in life. The documentation is probably the most intensive item that requires the most discipline, and the level of thoroughness I have observed during my tenure here at Potrero is what is so impressive to me. All of this is hard and intense work.

This hard work results in the products that the field will be able to present to our clinicians and in turn will be used to help patients. At this Friday’s team meeting, I have asked Saheel to give an overview on the V&V process and what each person on the team is working through.

R&D team - thank you for all of your hard work!! The entire Potrero team is rooting for you!!