Encouraging a socially distanced work environment in 2021, using the GH5200

Anna Branquinho, Digital Marketer

With the outbreak of the coronavirus being declared a global pandemic, 88% of organisations all over the world opted to take their business home with them. Now midway through 2021, the threat of the virus is all but still looming. The novelty of working from home, however, has well worn off, with over 19% of employees feeling lonely without regular office interactions. With new regulations and work jurisdictions on the mend, corporates are now looking at solutions using IoT to bring portions of staff safely back to the office. In this article, we take a look at an IoT driven solution on how companies can safely enforce social distancing in the work environment.

The GH5200 is a credit-card sized device, capable of slipping into your back (or front) pocket. Dubbed “the worker’s badge”, the GH5200 is no stranger to remote workforce monitoring. The device was created with the original purpose of providing lone workers with real-time emergency support at the touch of a button. However, recently, the device has expanded its use to include monitoring socially distanced work environments.

As introduced as part of the Covid-19 working protocols for health and safety, individuals are to keep a 2-meter distance from one another at all times. Using the GH5200, employees can maintain safe physical distancing from one another in their place of work - without having to measure out the distance themselves.

To start, note that the GH5200 was built with the following useful features:

1. Two-way voice communication

2. Geo-fencing capabilities

3. Bluetooth for close contact alerts

4. Breach buzzer sound alarm

5. A contactless identification

The GH5200 devices are handed out to each employee at the beginning of the workday as they enter the building. These devices can be pre-programmed to contain essential card-holder information, and the embedded NFC feature can simultaneously act as an access control device as well as a time and attendance tracker. Also equipped with “zero-motion” sensors, these devices can detect a no movement status. This is useful in situations where an employee is injured or stops moving for a prolonged period of time (perhaps indicating an extended break period).

The opportunities for this device are endless. Workforce monitoring is just the beginning. Check out how the GH5200 is being used as a PTT device in the security sector.