A Quick and Easy to Understand Tour in the Project Management & Software World with ScheduleJS

What is this most advanced Javascript- based Gantt Charting framework you sell? It seems very interesting but I definitely don’t understand it at all.”

There is a need to make things easy to understand about a product which is inherently quite complex to grasp because of its nature to address very complex issues.

What is a “Gantt Chart” ?

“ A Gantt chart is a graphical depiction of a project schedule. It’s is a type of bar chart that shows the start and finish dates of several elements of a project that include resources, milestones, tasks, and dependencies. Henry Gantt, an American mechanical engineer, designed the Gantt chart. “, INVESTOPEDIA So, a Gantt Chart = A timeline + Some Ressources, Functionalities and Constraints When you have to schedule, manage, and monitor specific tasks and resources complex activities/projects with a lot of ressources ( 800 people, 1 000 000 flights, 90 cameras,...) you can’t just take a piece of paper and bring the perfect solution to your boss (see the first picture of this page).

EXAMPLE: A famous airline has to plan and control its 190,000 annual flights in a very efficient and safe way - Henry Gantt is your best friend. TO GO FURTHER: One of the most useful feature in a Gantt Chart is the live monitoring of the task completion rate (called Chart Layout in ScheduleJS). You can also visualize at a glance if two activities are poorly distributed (two planes land on the runway at the same time for example).

What is a “framework” ?

An application can be developed from A to Z (taking a very looooong time) whereas today there is no need to reinvent the wheel each time you want to build a new application: many people are working hard to ease your life! That’s what we call a framework: it is a library of tools that are already available for you to quickly develop an efficient application.

EXAMPLE: ANGULAR - Google operates this framework and implements it to develop single page applications (ScheduleJS uses Angular). TO GO FURTHER: One of the features of ScheduleJS is the “Drag and Drop Editing”. Easily said, it is used to set up your activities only using your mouse. This feature is natively available in the framework and it saves you time because you won’t have to develop and program a drag and drop editing function in your code!

Why ScheduleJS rather than other solutions?

ScheduleJS allows to develop tailor made applications suiting our clients’ very complex needs. The framework is the most advanced javascript-based solution available on the market because it directly matches with the very large number of activities (1 000 000 and more) and huge flows of data our clients deal with in their daily routine.

By combining ad hoc and powerful features within an elegant visual aspect, clients can develop their applications fitting perfectly with their prerequisites. Moreover, Javascript insures that their applications are cross platform and will last in the future (and our experts are here to ease things for you).