No more manual work – automated truck entry permission validation via GoRamp API!

GoRamp makes another giant step forward in centralizing the information flow in the entire supply chain with an easy way of automating your warehouse gates control – GoRamp-Parking-API!

Enabling other business management systems is a critical point in centralizing supply chain control. From warehouse daily planning to providing order and shipment statuses back to business intelligence systems – data exchange is at the heart of any modern solution. The number of use cases increases constantly and so does the demand for the right integration tools to support them. As a result GoRamp is providing a powerful and feature rich API for your needs to be covered.

While GoRamp-Timeslots-module has already saved you tons of time by:

Eliminating queues at the warehouse

Distributing loading and unloading tasks throughout the day
Enabling full traceability of warehouse work and results.

We have added another powerful functionality to the list – automated truck entry permission validation via API! Every time the truck arrive at the gate to enter the territory, the system will validate the license plate if there is a reservation created for this specific truck:

No more manual work as the gates will operate according the reservations made in advance; Elimination of human errors – only authorized vehicles will enter the warehouse territory;

Increased safety – the truck driver can enter the territory without stepping out of the cabin.
How does it work in just a few steps:

Firstly, contact your gates system provider if you already have one or choose from a list of our partners available:
• CityPro
• DK projektai

Secondly, make a request to your GoRamp representative for activation and start using!

GoRamp – centralised information flow between all supply chain members.